Comedy Road Trip!
March 20, 7pm @ New York Comedy Club
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Travel. Stand-up. Storytelling.

This month's show

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Wil Sylvince

Wil Sylvince

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Jeff Simmermon

Jeff Simmermon

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Turner Sparks

Turner Sparks

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Joe Schaefer

Joe Schaefer

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About Kung Fu Komedy NYC

From sleepy bars along the Yangtze River to headlining tours through fifteen countries around Asia, in six short years the Kung Fu Komedy crew have made their mark on audiences and critics worldwide and established themselves as China’s premier comedy club.

Now the pioneers of stand-up in Asia are bringing their unique brand of comedy to New York City with new shows every month in Manhattan.

For more information, contact one of these gentlemen:

Turner Sparks

Joe Schaefer

Gus Tate


New York Comedy Club is located at 241 East 24th Sreet in New York City.

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